About Us

L Wear is a Rotorua based business providing screen printing, embroidery, digital and vinyl transfer services. We intend to compete by providing our customers with “all branding” options and a complete “one stop shop”. L Wear continues to strive for excellence and maintain our mission statement:

“Ma te kakahu te tangata ka piata”

It was from humble beginnings that my journey began, where in 2005 my old boss informed me he was selling his old unused printing equipment. For various reasons this was perfectly timed and that is where my road to self-employment began… I was so excited to see my antique screen printing plant roll down my driveway where we only had a centimeter of clearance either side of my fence to their new location, my garage at home.

I remember during the summer time when my garage would get so hot it could have been likened to a sauna, not to mention the mix a dryer running at 175 degrees. I quickly learnt that when you work from home customers can turn up at any given time even after closing. Greeting customers in your undergarments!! not a great first impression.

“You know what? T shirt printing is pretty cool!”

You see, I had an amazing idea to deliver pamphlets for my new business venture, it also helped that I worked as a part time postie… Yeah I was gonna take on the world by storm! One thing led to another and within 6 months I had gained enough customers that my extra pamphlet delivering days were over. 3 years later a perfect sized factory came up for sale, so I bit the bullet and moved my business to a sound factory in a great location.

I’m the sort of person who had to learn everything from the ground up. If I was going to ask someone to hand over their hard earned money I needed to be really good at what I do, this is where the old screen printing plant was upgraded to a fully automatic press (the only operation like it in Rotorua). I purchased a few more industry gadgets, embroidery machine, vinyl cutting machine and a digital printing machine, slowly but surely I was building a solid foundation. To this day my values still remain the same, if you’re going to take money from people for a service, be good at what you do!

“Clothed appropriately a person will shine”