Fai Aotearoa Apparel had its foundations in the Inaugural New Zealand Womens Fai Va’a teams formation in August 2017. This team was initially established by NZ fai Va’a representative Alf Pukepuke inorder to compete in the penultimate Hawaiki nui Race in Tahiti – November 2017. And so the challenge was set for me to design a uniform that represented the journey of this team from Aotearoa New Zealand – to the origin of Va’a paddling – Tahiti.

Research has placed Raiatea as the ancestral homeland of the Maori people. From the sacred stones of Taputapuatea Marae on Raiatea our ancestors launched their traditional Waka toward migratory journeys along the pathways of Matariki – the Pleides constellation – to Rarotonga, Hawaii and ultimately Aotearoa (New Zealand).

“Fai Aotearoa Apparel will be launched in Raiatea”
– The birthplace of Polynesia

In everything we do on and off the water we are the representatives of those who have gone before us – our tipuna (ancestors) have paved the way for us and we connect to them by always showing respect to the elements of Tangaroa, Papatuanuku and all the Atua. I have collaborated with reknowned local Rotorua Tā moko artist Richard Francis to ensure that this connection with our ancestors is signaled in the design for Fai Aotearoa Apparel.

The Feeling Fai brand is representative of the mantaray As it uses the grace and power of its wings to fly through the water so the Fai logo connects us to our ancestry and using the power and strength of our tipuna, we can forge our way through adversity and challenge to new pathways and triumphs.

Feeling Fai is about our connections to Tahitii, Hawaii and Aotearoa NZ – To each other, to our tipuna and the elements that we race on and against.

“Imagery is one way that will connect us back to our ancestors”
– Richard Frances

“Feeling Fai is about being the best you can be. Do you feel it?”

Maui Range

Encapsulating a sense of growth and combat – you can feel the strength of nature and release your inner trickster in the Maui range. Get set to take on the world in this collection of training gear – including men’s muscle singlets , training tees, singlets and hoods.

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Kiwa Range(divine guardian of the ocean)

Embrace the coolness and strength of the ocean in this array of polyester type garments. Designed to give you a sense of freshness and light as you train and take on the elements. The active Kiwa range comes in a variety of styles & colours and includes singlets, Tees and lightweight spray jacket. Catering to the next generation of paddlers, we have training tees in kids sizing too.

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Rohe – (goddess of the spirit world and wife of Māui)

For on or off the water comfort and style look no further than the Rohe range. Contentment and fun collide to make you feel on top of your game so you can relax in style when the hard training is done. The Rohe range has both the Tane and Wahine in mind.

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Hineahuone, Hine nui te pō!

Celebrate your inner wahine-toa in this Hine range. Clothing  with practical femininity in mind. For on and off the water, feel the love in this range of colourful Fai wear .

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Aotearoa Range – NZ all the way!

It is what it is in black and white! Aotearoa range represents all the way in the clean fresh whites and strong solid black clothing of this collection. Featuring tees, hoods and long sleeves. Look out for our iconic symbol (Fern) to be introduced to this range.

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