As you could imagine there are a lot of companies printing apparel. I believe it’s a good idea to meet the people doing your job in real life. I wouldn’t hand over money to someone on the other end of the phone that you don’t even know.

“The bus stops with me, why not keep it local I say”

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for bags, t-shirts and can also be used for umbrellas and cooler bags etc. If you have a large design and large quantities then screen printing is your best option. Ink is pushed through the screen within the areas you want your design, pretty simple really. A good job starts with quality gear, that’s why I use M&R.


Embroidery is a high quality method of branding and the best option for a wide range of garments and fabrics. It is a preferred option for uniforms and a nice way to promote your company logo. We offer quality embroidery as we have experienced operators, great digitizing (how we set up your logo) and a quality Tajima embroidery machine.

Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfer (cad cut transfers) are durable, flexible and individual. Its a great option for team names, numbers and logos on all fabric types. Vinyl is especially good for personalising uniforms as its an affordable option for the one offs! When you need something quick with value for money, vinyl transfers are your best choice.  One of our hardest working piece of equipment is our Roland Cutter.

Recent Projects